Dec 15th
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Africa & Middle East

Ask the Travel Agent

... answers questions about the Yucatan Peninsula, New Orleans, Cape Cod, Great Britain, Mammoth Lakes, Switzerland, San Francisco, Wisconsin, Seattle, and San Diego.  Also, ideas on grandparent travel, camping in Europe, taking a two-year-old to Morocco, budget travel, active teen vacations, and when to travel with a toddler.

South Africa -- Back to My Homeland

South Africa -- A Journey Back to My Homeland -- Discover the best of South Africa with Marjorie and her family. Shop the markets, see penguins, baboons, and elephants in the wild, tour kid-pleasing sights, explore family-favorite beaches, stay in unique lodges, and eat at wonderful restaurants.

Circling the Eastern World

Circling the Eastern World – Travel with Sylvie, her husband and two year old daughter on a month-long adventure to Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, India and the United Arab Emirates.

Botswana's Kgalagadi Park

Botswana's Kgalagadi ParkJourney into the Kalahari Desert with Tracy and her 13-year-old son Caleb. Witness exotic animals like the Wildebeest, Gemsbok and Hyena struggle to survive in this unspoiled arid vastness. Also, learn some amazing facts about the Bushmen who have been eking out an existence here for thousands of years.

Favorite Family Tours

Travel specialists share popular family adventures – lend a helping hand in Costa Rica; see Australia your way; explore Wales of today and yesterday; trek through Tanzania, Africa; ride covered wagon through Teton National Forest; learn about bottlenosed dolphins in Key West; bike, hike, and camp the San Juan's in Washington; stalk the wilds of Africa; raft white water in Dinosaur National Monument; and discover a tropical paradise in Costa Rica.

High Seas Adventures

Down river sojourns and lake frolics are sure to be family vacation winners. Whether aboard a traditional cruise ship, smaller eco-cruise, chartered sailboat, riverboat, barge or houseboat--chances are you and the family will be back for more! Discover the variety of floating home adventures that await your family.

Where is Lizzy?

Lizzy relaxes in a hammock at one of the more popular tropical resorts. Where is she?
Click here to find out.

Tips, Tricks & Tactics

Vacation Packing
...get it right the first time

At one time or another we all have packed too many clothes for a vacation, perhaps never even changing from a favorite pair of jeans or sun dress.  The more we travel, hauling our belongings with us, the more we realize how little we really need.


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