Jan 24th
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Hi Ho Oregon's High Desert

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Hi Ho  High Desert!
...from the journals of CW Bryant

I was 7 when we made this trip to Bend, Oregon. Mom lends a helping hand in sharing our fun adventure.

January 26...
    Hi ho, hi ho it’s off to Bend we go--a weekend of skiing, sightseeing and exploring.  Bend is located in Oregon’s high desert, 160 miles from Portland and 22 miles from Mount Bachelor Ski Resort.
    From Portland, we headed by car on Highway 26 through Mt. Hood National Forest and over Mt. Hood, passing ski resorts like SkiBowl, Timberline (only ski in-and-out resort in Oregon), Mt. Hood Meadows, and also the inner-tubing
Great views from up here - 511 feet above the high desert.slope at Summit Ski Area at Government Camp.  Then we headed into the High Desert through Warm Springs Indian Reservation.  At the Museum at Warm Springs, we stopped and learned about the Wasco, Paiute and Warm Springs Indian tribes.
    “Cody, remember the fun we had last summer at Kah-Nee-Ta Resort?”  Mom reminded me.
     Oh yah!  The resort is ru
n by the reservation and there are tepees you can sleep in.  The gigantic hot- springs-fed swimming pool is lots of fun!
    Redmond has Operation Santa Claus, a ranch that raises reindeer! I’ve never seen so many!  Did you know that reindeer have shorter legs and really long fuzzy antlers--nothing at all like Rudolph!              
    Smith Rock Park is near
by in Terrebonne.  It’s fun to watch the rock climbers go for the top--it’s really high up there!
    When we got to Bend we drove up to Pilot Butte, a cinder cone that’s 511 feet tall!  Wow... you can sMount Bachelor is great all of the city and beyond...
    “Look... those snowy mountain peaks are Mt. Washington, Three Sisters, and Mt. Jefferson,” mom pointed out. 
    We’re staying with friends in a guest cottage with our own hot tub--cool!

January 27...

    We got up early to ski Mount Bachelor.  I took a lesson in the morning; met mom for lunch; back out for another lesson; then, mom and I skied together the rest of the day.  It was great!  I led mom down Dilly-Dally-Alley, a narrow trail that runs through a patch of forest.  It has tight curves and 3 foot high moguls--3-4 feet apart and one right after the other.  It was so funny to watch mom with her long skiis get stuck on the tops of two moguls at a ti
me, with no-where to go!
    “Just you-u-u-u wait! eh...or... plea-e-e-se, wait for your mother!”         
    I heard mom’s faint cry in the distance as I whizzed down the trail--dipping, swerving, and jumping!  You see this trail is for kids with short skiis--what a blast!
    That night we slurped up bowls of yummy clam chowder and then played in the outdoor hot tub under the twinkling stars of the high desert.
January 28...

    The Inn of the S
Oops! I'm not as good as the skater who was just here.eventh Mountain has ice skating and horseback riding--that’s what we did today.          
    By the time we got to the outdoor Ice Rink, Tanya Harding had already been there for practice (this was when she was in training for the Olympics).  Ice skating is sort of hard--I really nee
Meet Jack! This is the best way to see the High Desert.ded a pillow for my bottom!
     Next, at the River Ridge Stables I climbed onto a brown horse named Jack; mom climbed onto a spotted horse named Li
ghtning and we were guided up and down hills, across creeks, along rivers and through the Ponderosa pines... don’t forget to duck for branches!  It was fun, Jack is a really big horse, and oh so nice!

January 29...

    We packed up early for home, but first we drove a few miles south of Bend to see the High Desert Museum.  We learned about the high desert and what animals and plants live there, like black widow spiders, rattlesnakes, ground squirrels, owls and hawks.  It was really fun to watch the river otters--it looked like they were playing tag!         
    Guess what--I got to touch Cuddles... a porcupine--yikes!  I’m sure glad he’s a pet, because his quills could really I got to pet this little guy. He's at the High Desert Muesum.hurt!  It also was fun walking along the “Spirit of the West” trail, learning about the indians and pioneers.  Mom took a picture of me in a shepherd's wagon; we explored a sawmill with some of the biggest saws I’ve ever seen; Find lots to see at the High Desert Museum.and then pretended what it would be like to live in a settler’s cabin...
    “Would you liked to have lived back then, Cody?” Mom asked.
     Well... maybe just for a day!   
    Then we said goodbye to the chipmunks and headed home, this time on Highway 20 by way of Sisters, Santiam Pass and Salem, the capital of Oregon.
         Sisters looks just like an old western town and to the south we could see the snowy three Sisters--Faith, Hope and Charity--did they ever look close!  We also stopped at Black Butte Ranch--a really neat resort with swimming and biking.  
    “Did you know that the Indians and settlers once used this route through the Cascade Mountains? Mo
m asked. “Sheep were transported from here on the early railroad--from central Oregon over to the Willamette Valley.”
    The drive was r
eally pretty, especially across the Santiam Pass. The sign said 4,617 ft. elevation!  We stopped to get some hot chocolate at Hoodoo Ski Bowl.  Then I saw snowflakes!
    Between the hot chocolate and falling snow, I curled up in the seat with my pillow and was soon fast asleep.  We were home before I knew it
Think I'll catch a few z-z-z-z's before I head off to my  next adventure!--wow, what a fun trip!

    Hi Ho,
     CW Bryant

Bend Vacation Details...

•  In Brief:
Central Oregon offers  a variety of activities for every season of the year.  You’ll find Nation-al Forests, state parks, recreation areas, scenic drives, rivers, mountains, lakes, high desert, dormant volcanoes and lava tube caves. The region is warm in summer, cold in winter, with sun 320 days out of the year.  

•  Getting There:  Air: Major flights fly into Portland Internation-al Airport; commuter aircraft fly into Redmond; and there is a small airport at Sunriver for private planes.  Auto: From Portland, take Hwy. 26 over Mt. Hood to Bend; returning from Bend take Hwy. 20 then Hwy. 22 to Salem and Interstate 5 north to Portland.  
•  Accommodations:
Kah-Nee-Ta Resort and Casino (800-831-0100)
Inn of the Seventh Mountain
Sunriver Resort (800-547-3922) (See Family Fun Resorts, page 2.)  
Black Butte Ranch (800-452-7455)

A variety of accommodations are in the area including camping.

•  Activities:  Downhill skiing, cross country skiing, ice skating, sleigh rides, dogsledding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, hiking, biking, swimming, white water rafting, horseback riding, rock climbing, spelunking, fishing, roller skating, tennis, and golf. Museums and historical, geological, and cultural sites.
Oregon High Desert Museum (541-382-4754)  
Museum at Warm Springs

•  More Information:
Bend Chamber of Commerce (800-905-2363).
Central Oregon Visitors Association (800-800-8334) 


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Camping the Great Outdoors
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   "Since that first camping trip, all of our trips have been only partially planned, with itineraries set more as ideas than as fixed schedules.  We usually take each day one at a time, and do whatever feels right for that particular day.  Slowing down to smell the roses has never been so sweet as when we travel with our two kids!"  -- David, Westminster, MD

 Take it from David, there's a time to plan and a time to take one day at a time.


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