Jan 24th
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Angels in Aspen, Colorado

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Angels in Aspen, Colorado
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Angels in Aspen
...from the journals of CW Bryant

This journal entry is based on my trip to Aspen, CO, when I was five years old. Mom lends a helping hand in sharing our fun adventure.

January 14...
    “OK... let’s go one more time!”  Mom smiled.  
    Boy, do I like walking the aisles of the plane... looking at everyone, some smile back--I like that!  
    Here we are... uh-oh, I can’t get in.  
    “We have to wait, someone is in there,” mom said as she pulled my hand back from the bathroom door latch.  
    Now, it’s my turn, ever notice all the gadgets in a plane’s bathroom?       
    My favorite are the little dixie cups, I never knew how good water tasted. And why is it more fun to wash your hands, especially with soap, miles high in the sky?
     Now back to our seats to read a story. Hum... My Truck Book or the Little Lion?
    It pays to be a kid! Getting off the plane Mom took my picture sitting in the co-pilot’s seat, I was even wearing his cap!
    Aspen’s airport is real little... a lot like me! Hey... there’s my Nan (Grandma)! She’s lots of fun. We both like to draw and she cooks really good--all my favorites.
    Know what? I can say tortellini, and she can’t, ha-ha!  I’m teaching her, but she sure knows how to cook’em, good!
January 15...
    Wow... look at all the snow!  Nan’s cats are out on the deck in it, why do they keep shaking their paws?
    Snow doesn’t have a taste, except when mom puts pancake syrup on it, then it really tastes yummy!  But I really like the icicles--sword size to pretzel stick size. They’re all fun to suck on, except they get stuck to my mittens... oh well!
    It took forever to get dressed, mom put everything I brought on me, well... it seemed like that. Even Nan got in on the act and helped put baggies on my feet inside my boots--to keep my feet dry!
    Then we headed out...  I crunch when I walk!
    Boy look at that humungus pile of snow! It’s hard to climb with all these clothes on, but my snowsuit is real slick for sliding in.
    What’s mom doing?  
    “Cody, come and put your feet here. Ok, now... fall back into the snow and watch mom, see... flap like a birdie!”  
    “Lookie..  a Cody angel and a mommy angel!”
    Whoa, they really look like angels--this is fun!
    That night we went downtown to eat Japanese food. I got to ride a snow saucer while mom pulled.  It was snowing!  Try putting your tongue out to catch snow flakes--it works!
    Aspen is pretty--lots of little lights... everywhere!
January 16...

    Whoa...  now that’s a pile of snow!
    “It’s Buttermilk Mountain... let’s go sledding!” mom was excited as she grabbed my hand.
    What a blast... we sledded down the side of it, far out of the way of the skiers. It’s a long walk back up--no rope pull!             
    Could you ever go fast, I even went by myself, once... Do you know how fast I came down that mountain?  Boy... never again!
    “Cody, let’s leave angels on the mountain...OK?” mom asked.
    Oh boy, I know how to do that!
    Nan has a condo almost in the middle of town.  We walked to a lot of places. Like City Market, just right around the corner, where I got a balloon.  But, as we were leaving the market, I lost my balloon!  This man ran clear across the parking lot to get it. Boy, was he nice or what?
    “Thank you, how nice of you. Aren’t you Ed Bradley?” Mom asked.  
    I guess famous people come to Aspen, I hope I see Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, too--the best!

January 17...
     Nan and I are going to draw today; mom went skiing on Aspen Mountain.  She promised to wave from the top.
    After she got home, we walked to Herron Park--it’s neat.  There’s a wooden jungle gym to climb on. The bridge is my favorite, it wiggles when you run back and forth across it!
    Take a look under the bridge... you’ll find an angel!
    Not too far from Nan’s is a cemetery.  It’s got tombstones that are really old, like Civil War old. It’s kinda fun to explore.
    “Cody, how about leaving angels here to watch over them?” mom asked.
    Yea! OK! Swoosh, Swoosh...

January 18...

    Oh boy, we went to the top of Aspen Mountain--that’s where mom skied!   
    A gondola takes you pretty fast high up the mountain to Sundeck, where we ate lunch. It’s fun, and boy does Aspen look really small from up there.
    You can see forever, all around and around and around ...til you get dizzy and fall over--ideal for guess what?... making an angel!
    We came back down in the gondola and went to a playground  downtown. I got to play with some other kids. This playground has a bunch of fun things, especially snow.  I left an angel there too!
    Aspen is so fun... you can ride in a sleigh pulled by a big horse! I really liked the horse and he liked the carrot I fed him.  You know what?  His feet crunch in the snow too!

January 19...

    In Snowmass, 12 miles from Aspen is Krabloonik Kennels, it’s  neat--you can go dog sledding there.  The owner raced in the Iditarod Dog Sled Race in Alaska.
    We walked among lots of sled dogs, chained off from each other on a big field. I liked the dogs, they were cool. Although I did feel sorry for them being chained up.  I left an angel on the hill to watch over them til I could get back.
    This was a great day!  And after having my favorite tortellini dinner, we watched colorful fireworks explode over Aspen Mountain, while skiers with lit torches danced down the slopes of the mountain.  Was that ever cool!  They looked like angels floating down from the heavens.


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