Jan 24th
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Olympic Peninsula's Game Farm

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    White Fang fans...

    On the Olympic Peninsula, in Washington is the Olympic Game Farm.  We just happened onto it and found it really interesting.  Several animal movie stars live there: like the grizzlies used in Gentle Ben, Grizzly Adams, and White Fang--in fact a lot of this movie was filmed on the preserve.  Also the wolverines used in all those Walt Disney shows and the cougar from the car commercials.  We saw other animals, but the wildest was when we drove through a herd of deer, elk and buffalo.  We were feeding them bread, and the buffalo were very pushy, forcing their huge heads right into the car window!  I was slobbered... yuk!  If you get a chance... go see it!

                            Erik--Tucson, AZ

Editor’s Note:  That sounds like a fun place to go... thanks for the tip.  For those who would like to stop in and get slobbered, the Olympic Game Farm is located between Sequim and Dungeness, north side of the Olympic Peninsula. Check out


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