Jan 19th
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Orlando to Lake George - II

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 Orlando to Lake George with Robin

    Join back up with Robin, her daughter Alyxandra (age 10) and son Trevor (age 6) as they continue their adventure, traveling by motorhome from Orlando, Florida to Lake George, New York. (See Summer '00 for the first part of their adventure.)
    Sunday – In Jamestown, we browsed through the museum, saw the movie, and then visited the recreated Powhatan Indian village. The kids wove straw into rope, scraped fur off a deer hide with an oyster shell, used rocks to shape their own stone arrowhead, and watched a woman make sewing needles from deer bones. Next we walked the forested path to the river and explored the rebuilt ships, Susan Constant and Godspeed, which John Smith and his crew sailed from England in 1607. The largest was 114' long and held 52 passengers and 19 crewmembers. We learned that all the passengers were housed on one deck, sleeping together on top of the cargo for the nearly five month journey! At the rebuilt settlers’ fort, Trevor watched a man load and fire a musket. We then visited the nearby Yorktown Victory Center, which celebrated the battle that was a turning point in the American Revolution. We didn't have time to visit the military encampment or the farm, but we watched the historical film and the kids had fun trying on period clothing at the children's center. By mid-afternoon we were on our way to Alexandria, Virginia, about 160 miles west of Williamsburg.
    Monday – The theme for the day - lazy bones!  We had a late breakfast, did laundry, and spent the day relaxing at the hotel. The kids read, played computer games, played Zoo Mania and Math War card games.
    Tuesday – Driving through the nation’s Capitol and finding our hotel took a good bit of time in a 24-foot motorhome. But to our surprise we found that the Holiday Inn was only a block from the National Air and Space Museum. Also, kids eat free at the Holiday Inn. We explored the Air & Space Museum, and saw a new Imax movie, "Mission to Mir"– it was excellent! Trevor loved the aircraft carrier display, complete with movies of planes taking off and landing. Next, we walked about and saw the Washington Monument, Korean War Veteran's Memorial,  Lincoln Memorial, where a school group from Dallas performed on the monument steps, and the Vietnam War Veteran's Memorial. After many miles of walking, we all agreed to take a taxi back to the hotel!

     Wednesday – We hopped on the Little Red Trolley just outside the Holiday Inn and toured the Capitol area. At Union Station, we bought tickets for the D.C. Duck Boat/Jeep ride – the kids were excited!  The amphibious vehicle was built by the Army in WWII and was used in the Battle of Sicily. We climbed into the Duck and toured the city for about 45 minutes, then drove across the Potomac River to the National Airport area and went to a public launch to enter the water. The driver pushed a couple of buttons, the engine stopped, and the propeller started spinning. Cruising on the river, we saw some Washington sights from the water, then the captain let the kids have a try at the wheel.  
    The Captain explained that the army stopped using the Ducks because they were too slow – their top speed was 3-4 knots. We jumped back on the Trolley and rode past the Ford Theater, toured the National Cathedral,  and ended up at the National Zoo. The day was sunny and the zoo had lots of cool shady spots. We stayed all afternoon and took the Metro subway back to our hotel.

    Thursday – We saw an Imax 3-D movie about the Galapagos Islands at the National Museum of Natural History. Then we walked over to the National Museum of American History, and first went to the Ice Cream Parlor for a snack. In the Hands On Science room, Trevor and Kristen did experiments with carbon dioxide and dry ice while Alyx extracted the red and blue dyes from grape Kool Aid. They also learned how to extract cow DNA. We viewed a display covering American life in the period of 1780-1800, and then toured the First Ladies' exhibit. The Natural History museum was open until 7:30 p.m. today, so we went back to see the Viking display and the Hope Diamond again and also browsed in the gift shop. Then it was back to the hotel for dinner and bed!  

    Friday – After breakfast we went to the Air and Space Museum and American History museum gift shops for last minute purchases before leaving town. By the time we got to the motor-home, packed up, and were ready to hit the road, it was 12:30 p.m. We arrived in Baltimore around 2.00 p.m. and parked near the Inner Harbor and had lunch. We decided to skip the aquarium, science center, Fort McHenry, and the ships, and head instead right for our campground. Our site was on Bar Harbor in Abingdon, Maryland. We fed the ducks, ate dinner, and had fun roasting marshmallows over the campfire.

    Saturday – Only a couple hours of driving today, to Mays Landing, NJ to visit my brother and sister-in-law and their 3 children who live on Egg Harbor River Inlet. The kids enjoyed a day of play with their cousins on swings and a trampoline, jet skiing, and digging in the sand, plus lots of great home-cooked food!

    Sunday – We left around 11:00 A.M., and drove to my alma mater Rutgers University in New Brunswick. We had lunch there then drove to Albany to see my Mom, and finally on to Lake George!
    We started out the day in sleeveless shirts, sweating while we cleaned out the motorhome one last time but we needed jackets when we arrived in Albany. The rain we hit on the way north sure cooled things off!

                    On down the road...
                         Robin and kids


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