Feb 23rd
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Family Summer Camp Adventures

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Camps, Camps, and more Camps...
...summer fun for the whole family

    If you went to camp as a kid, then you know just how special this experience can be.  A chance to meet new friends, develop skills and interests in a variety of activities, and grow in many ways.              
    What if you could still enjoy these experiences? ...and with your kids? ...together as a family?  ...You can!   
Explore the cosmos to digging for dinosaur bones. Learn to sail or how to create Disney animation. It's all at summer camp.       Family camp, like family travel can help develop mutual companionship and understanding between family members.  It can also create a foundation for positive, lifelong relationships.
    There are programs to fit any interest: the classic camp often located in scenic areas offers a variety of sports and activities; the sport/academic/art camp coaches tennis, instructs music/dance or teaches a foreign language. Challenges can be found at the adventure camp--rock climbing, sailing or camping the wilderness; a religious affiliated camp incorporates spiritual training; special needs are addressed at a camp for handicaps or illnesses; and, an international camp offers an experience in a foreign country.  
    You can choose a resident camp, spending nights in a tent, cabin, or dormitory.  Or, a day camp–after a full day of activities you return to your own lodging for the evening.
    Non-profit agencies, youth groups, or public agencies usually offer affordable camps. Independently-run camps are often more costly.
    Which camp is right for your family?  First, determine your reasons for participation.  Will your family like the programs and do they fit your interests?  What are your goals?  Is the philosophy of the camp what you’re looking for?  And is the size and location of the camp suitable?
    Once you've decided on your ideal family camp getaway, then research the internet and discuss with travel agents the best options available.

Below is just a sampling of the many camps offered.  Grab the kids and head for camp...
Dinosaur Digs ( promotes research and education of dinosaur paleontology in the Colorado Canyon. Dig side by side with paleontologists in one of the richest open quarries in the world, located in NW Colorado.

Languages Abroad ( specializes in sending families to study abroad in language schools with total language and cultural immersion programs.  Living with a host family is the best way to become immersed into the language, culture, and customs of a country.  Other lodging possibilities are available at each camp.

U.S. Space and Rocket Center ( trains a parent and child team for their own simulated space shuttle mission. Or, you and your child can train to be a jet fighter pilot and copilot--fly a state-of-the-art flight simulator.  The weekend resident camps are located in Huntsville, AL.

YMCA ( sponsored family camps are numerous.  Check with your local YMCA for family camps available in your area.  For example, Camp du Nord ( in the wilderness of northern Minnesota offers Christian values-based programs designed to enrich family life and develop new insights and understandings between family members.  Families can also find many opportunities to enjoy together at Camp Seymour ( on Glen Cove in Washington State.  In the YMCA tradition programs are designed to help develop spirit, mind, and body.

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens ( promote an appreciation of and a concern for animals and the environment in a variety of educational programs, like Camp SeaWorld and the Adventure Camps.  Families can enjoy interacting with the animals, and participate in hands-on activities and sleep-overs.
Outward Bound ( offers unique wilderness expeditions for those who want to be challenged, to grow, and discover within themselves new talents and resources.  Schools are offered in several locations in the U.S.

Audubon Camp ( inspires families to investigate more closely the beauty of North America's diverse natural ecosystems.  Together, your family can discover nature with hands-on learning and make new friends on a variety of outdoor adventures.

Walt Disney Family Discovery Camp ( will introduce your kids to a multitude of learning adventures--from animation to performing on stage.

Olympic Regional Development Authority ( in Lake Placid, New York operates the Gold Medal Adventure Day Camp where families, athletes, and non-athletes alike can try exciting Winter and Summer Olympic sports like bobsled, luge, and freestyle skiing on a trampoline.  Tour the site of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympic Games and 2000 Winter Good-will Games, along with meeting former Olympians.

Annapolis Sailing School ( teaches sailing on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, on the Gulf in St. Petersburg, Florida, and waters off Christiansted on St. Croix.  The Three-Day New Sailors Mini-Holiday and Five-Day New Sailors' cruises are popular among families.

Jazz Camp West ( brings together 40 all-star faculty members and 200 participants of all ages, backgrounds and levels for an eight-day creative experience amongst the redwoods of La Honda in Northern California.  Choose from 70 classes in instrumental, vocal, percussion, and dance--offered in a variety of musical styles.  Perform with fellow students and faculty before a live audience

Earthwatch ( matches people from all walks of life with scientific and conservation projects worldwide.  Your family can work in the field with scientists, helping to collect information to save species and their habitats; digging into the past, to better understand earth and its people; and, learning ways to ensure the future of the planet.

Sierra Club ( introduces families to the fun experiences of camping and rafting, while discovering some of America's most beautiful wilderness areas.

For more family camp ideas check out these web sites:


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