Jan 24th
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Home Adventure Travel Ideas Activities Cities, Events & Attractions Philadelphia - Cheese Steak Adventure

Philadelphia - Cheese Steak Adventure

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Philadelphia – a family travel adventure in tradition
Discover where to find the best Philly cheese steak sandwich.

    “Philly cheese steak! You’re always telling me that you can’t wait until your son is old enough to enjoy a Philly cheese steak!” Many times my grandson, Laith, would repeat these words to me about introducing his son to the delights of Philadelphia’s famous sandwich. 
    Today I invited my grandson and his family to Tony Luke’s eatery, one of the best Philly cheese steak outlets in Tony Luke's Philly cheese steak.Philadelphia. 
    For years I enjoyed these famous sandwiches of Philadelphia.  Today, it was to be a special event, I was to introduce my great grandson, Bilal to an all time favorite, it’s the best taste of Philadelphia, and one of the city’s best eating places that is known for its Philly ch
eese steak sandwich.
    The Philly cheese steak is not only a delicious sandwich but also a living creation of the city, a tourist lure and the city’
s favorite sandwich.
    The Philly cheese steak is a long crusty roll filled with thinly sliced and lightly fried rib eye beef steak and topped with cheese, usually with Cheez Whiz, but American or provolone cheeses are often used as well.  Other toppings may include fried onions, mushrooms, hot or sweet peppers.  Some sandwich shops also offer a hoagie, a combination of the cheese steak with cold dressings such as lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.  Today, cheese steak and hoagie sandwiches have become so popular that they are readily available at steak and deli shops, food trucks, pizzerias and even some high-end restaurants throughout the Philadelphia region.
    The Philly cheese steak was invented in south Philadelphia in the 1930s.  Pat Oliv
Tony Luke's menu of original and specialilty Philly cheese steaks.ieri, a south Philadelphia hot dog vendor, one day was grilling meat for a sandwich.  The aroma flowing from his grill enticed a passing taxicab driver who asked for his own steak sandwich.  From that day the attributes of the Philly steak spread by word of mouth throughout the city.  Soon Olivieri was doing a striving business and this led him to open Pat’s King of Steaks to sell his new creation.  Today, Olivieri and Geno’s Steaks, the rival shop across the street, have grills that are sizzling day and night – gold mines for the owners.  For 40 years, the two shops, which are in the heart of the Philly cheese steak center have waged a friendly competition to win the title of best cheese steak in town.
    I was thinking of the two historic Philly places when we entered Tony Luke’s sandwich shop to find that there was a long line of hungry customers.  Luckily we found an empty table and were soon enjoying three types of Philly cheese steaks – with Cheez Whiz, American and provolone cheeses.

Favorite Cheese Steak eateries:

Barclay Prime serves what is considered the world’s most expensive cheese steak, featuring Kobe beef and truffles. 237 S. 18th Street, (215) 732-7560,

Campo’s Deli famous for its traditional cheese steak and hoagies.  214 Market Street, 
(215) 923-1000,

Cosmi’s Deli is a relative newcomer among the cheese steak vendors, winning recent accolades from Philadelphia magazine. 1501 S. 8th Street, (215) 468-6093,

Geno’s Steaks, 1219 S. 9th Street, (215) 389-0659,

Jim’s Steaks, noted for the aroma of its fried onions and taste of its cheese steaks 400 South Street, (215) 928-1911,

John’s Roast Pork is frequently cited as one of the city’s top steak spots. 14 E. Snyder Avenue, (215) 463-1951,

Pat’s King of Steaks, 9th Street & Passyunk Avenue, (215) 468-1546,

Sonny’s Famous Steaks, offers a fresh, healthier take on the preparation of its steak sandwiches, frying the meat in its own juices rather than in oil. 228 Market Street. (215) 629-5760

Shank’s and Evelyn’s luncheonette for a favorite cheese steak.  901 S. Columbus Blvd., (215) 218-4000

Tony Luke’s is my favorite cheese steak cafe, located near the sports complex. 39 E. Oregon Avenue. (215) 551-5725,

More information about travel to Philadelphia:

Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Center:
Independence Visitor Center:

~Habeeb Salloum


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